The release date of Hunter X Hunter chapter 361 is still a big mystery. We don’t even currently know whether there will be chapter 361 or not. The health of Yoshihiro Togashi got bad a few months ago, which is the very reason why he couldn’t continue to work on the manga. But now, rumors are that new writers will be hired to continue the manga series.

Hunter X Hunter Chapter 361

As we all know, the writer of this critically acclaimed manga series, Yoshihiro Togashi faced a serious health injury some time ago. What he faced was lower back pain. Lower back pain isn’t a big thing, but it is for someone who spends most of his day writing manga. Because of this, he had to take a break from the manga and stop writing. And that break is still not over.

New Writers To Be Hired For Hunter X Hunter Manga

Now, because fans have been eagerly waiting for the next chapter to arrive and many of them have already started losing interest in the series, reports are that Shueisha is now hiring new writers to continue the manga. This might be the only way to give fans what they have been waiting for.

Togashi’s Wife To Take Over The Manga

Rumor is that the wife of Yoshihiro Togashi, Naoko Takeuchi will take over the manga and will work on chapter 361. It is said that Takeuchi has already started working on the manga, and fans will hear something regarding the next chapter soon. Now if this does happen, fans should keep one thing in mind that Takeuchi is known for many of her notable works, so they won’t get disappointed. Although the show wouldn’t be the same without Togashi, but it will be at least something. The husband and wife may work together to complete what Togashi started.

Shueisha To Fire Togashi?

On the other hand, some rumors claim that Shueisha will simply fire Togashi and will hire a new group of writers who will work together to finish the series. He won’t even hire is wife. The deadline for reporting is February 2017, so he will have to take action soon.

As for now, fans can only hope that the health of Yoshihiro Togashi gets better so he can start working on the manga soon. However, reports claim that his health isn’t improving at all, so fans should prepare themselves to see some new writers.

Hunter X Hunter Chapter 361 Release Date

Hunter X Hunter chapter 361 is expected to release in 2017. And the release will happen only if Togashi’s health gets better or someone else takes over the manga.

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