Many users agree that the stock Android keyboard is not the best when it comes to utility. It surely gets all the basic work done; you can type alphanumeric text with different symbols and emojis. But what if you could do all the typing-related multitasking right on the keyboard without switching between apps? Well, a new app from the Microsoft Garage helps you out in a similar way.

hub keyboard

The newly-released Hub Keyboard APK brings you different services on the keyboard, and signing into an Office 365 account gives you even more privileges. The keyboard comes with a clipboard that keeps all your recently copied items so that you can insert them whenever and wherever you want. Then there’s the documents option that lets you share document URLs. The contacts option allows you to share contact information of people to others in text, while the translate option translates your text to other language.

Microsoft has released the Hub Keyboard APK download file for Android phones and tablets. The app carries version number and weighs 11.74 MB. It supports all Android devices running on Android 4.3 or later.

If you are bored with the current keyboard on your Android device or want a different keyboard that can offer you multiple functions right on the same screen, then Hub Keyboard is the best for you. You can download Hub Keyboard APK v0.9.0.2 from


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