HTC has launched its VR Store, Viveport globally. Earlier, the Viveport was exclusively available in China. However, developers were able to register for a larger beta version last month. Now, the HTC Viveport will be available in around 30 countries. As part of a 48-hour launch celebration, HTC is offering several Vive titles at a discount price of $1. These titles include a new version of Wevr’s theBlu, The Music Room Mini, Mars Odyssey, Firebird – La Peri, and Stonehenge VR.

HTC Viveport VR Store Launched Globally With Several Titles At $1

Viveport is basically HTC’s app store for its Vive virtual reality headset. While HTC has partnered with Valve to offer VR games to its users on the Steam store, the Viveport is supposed to make it easier for non-gaming experiences to get noticed. Vive is trying to separate itself with the cool non-gaming experiences that you can experience via the headset. While many HTC Vive owners will still buy apps and games directly through Steam or download them from third-party services like, the Viveport will offer a better platforms for both customers and developers.

HTC Viveport is a huge storefront for a lot of the non-gaming content for virtual reality. Viveport is launching with about 60 titles that span across various topics such as education, design, art, social, video, music, sports, health, fashion, travel, news, shopping, creativity tools and various other things.

The Viveport Premieres will also highlight new content on the store first. As of now, you can see exclusive content from Everest VR, The Blu, Google Spotlight Stories, Pearl, The Music Room, and Stonehenge VR. It will also showcase about a dozen never-before-seen popular VR experiences from China.