Although HTC 10 is an excellent phone, with nice design, powerful chipset, bright screen and solid camera, it seems that potential users don’t agree with HTC. In a recent news, it is discovered that HTC sold only 251 units of its latest flagship in China, a disastrous result. Coupled with HTC Lifestyle model, that also had a rocky start, rumors began to appear, the ones about HTC rethinking its business strategy, and expanding its VR business.

HTC 10

HTC 10 Lifestyle was projected to be a competitor to new Huawei P9, was meant to be the affordable flagship and is available (at the moment)  only on the Chinese market. But, since it has only Snapdragon 652, coupled with 3 gigs of RAM (1 GB less than HTC 10) and just 32 GB of storage (10 has the option of 32 of 64 GB), Chinese market wasn’t to inclined towards it, even if it has 100$ lower price tag than HTC 10.

htc vive

Because all of that, HTC could turn to its VR venture, and some rumors stated that they even could launch a separate VR company. This could be possible, especially because their VR kit, HTC Vive, had a solid start with more than 15,000 units being preordered in just ten minutes. If a new company, with a focus on VR, really gets founded, it will probably offer a more affordable version of HTC Vive, and also a potential VR kit for HTC smartphones, similar to what Samsung did. But for now, those are all rumors.


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