The new HTC One A9 was the result of a new approach that the smartphone maker adopted, and it resulted in a six-month high revenue for the company in November. However, not everything is well with the smartphone maker, as HTC may have to bear a lot of loss in Germany due to a lost legal battle. HTC has been summoned by the judiciary to stop selling its smartphones in Germany through Deutsche Telekom AG.

HTC One M9

According to a new report, the Texas-based Acacia Research Group, which is a patent licensing company, had sued HTC over patent infringement. The company got an injunction against all the smartphones that HTC sold in Germany via Deutsche Telekom (T-Mobile). The patent that HTC apparently infringed upon involves a voice coding technology.

As far as the news goes, HTC phones are currently available on sale through Deutsche Telekom, but the company will have to stop this sale later this month. This has led to HTC trying to find a new way to avoid any losses that might be incurred due to this ban.

For those who don’t know, Deutsche Telekom is a telecommunications company based in Germany and owns a lot of carriers worldwide. The biggest shareholder of this company is the German government itself. So if HTC does not pay for the patents and resolve this matter quietly, the accuser company Acacia might apply the same injunctions on HTC for all the HTC smartphones sold through other Deutsche Telekom-related carriers.


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