The Disk Cleanup is the in-built utility which comes with every Windows OS. It can be accessed by just a right click on any of your disk drive. It also comes with a bunch of selective properties to choose, with the Microsoft Windows and designed to free the disk space on the hard drive.

A disk cleanup holds the computer maintenance strategies, it first search the files which are of no longer in use, and then analyses the hard drive to remove the unnecessary files.

In case, while opening the Disk Properties dialog box in your Windows 10, you find that the “Disk Cleanup” button is missing from the general tab. There is no need to worry about it, as you may or may not know that the visibility of the “Disk Cleanup” button depends on the settings of the Recycle Bin.

You need to configure your Windows in such a way that the deleted files will only bypass the Recycle Bin and get deleted directly through which the Disk Cleanup button will disappear from the Drive Properties. This process is not useful in any way as the Disk Cleanup includes various different options to clean up the drive other than the files of Recycle Bin.


The missing of disk cleanup button may be because of the corrupt registry. To make the Disk Cleanup button visible in the Drive properties, you must follow some steps to navigate the following keys,


-> Now, right click on MyComputer.

-> Select New > Key (Rename the new key to cleanup path)

-> Double-click and edit on the default value to change its value.

-> Copy-paste the following- %SystemRoot%\System32\cleanmgr.exe /D %c in the Value Data field.

-> Click on “OK” button.

-> Exit from the Registry Editor.

-> Once you finish all the above steps in Registry Editor, you will be able to see the Disk Cleanup button.


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