Facebook Messenger has a secret Basketball game, but not many people know about this. If you just came to know about the Basketball game on Messenger, and would like to spend some time playing it, you are on the right page. The game is available on Messenger for more than a year, but most of the users are limited to texting and do not check the app thoroughly. Due to any reasons, if you could not find the way to play Basketball online in FB messenger, just check out below.

To play this game, you need to be running the latest version of the Messenger; so update it through the Google Play Store right now. After you have installed the latest version of the app, follow the below-given instructions to play basketball in Facebook Messenger.

basketball in facebook messenger

How to Play Basketball in Facebook Messenger

  1. After updating the app to the latest version, open it and go to a contact to start a conversation.
  2. Send them the basketball emoji without any text; just the emoji.
  3. After the emoji has been sent and is in the conversation window, you need to tap on it and the basketball game in Facebook Messenger will start right away.
  4. The game itself is very simple. You need to shoot the ball through the hoops and score as high as you can.
  5. Your friend can play too by tapping on the basketball emoji you have sent.

If you want to compete with the other person in conversation, tell them to install the latest version of Facebook Messenger. Then tap the basketball, play, and compare scores.

So that’s how you can play basketball mini game in Facebook Messenger. This isn’t the only surprising Easter egg found in the Messenger. You can also play soccer in Facebook Messenger now, and we hope developers will add more such exciting secrets to the app to keep things fresh. For more such awesome stuff, stay tuned to MobiPicker.


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