The rivalry between Apple and Samsung fans has been growing for a while. Now, in the aftermath of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explosion debacle, Apple fans are getting a new dissing weapon. Now, you can make your Apple iPhone look like an exploded Note 7.

How To Make Your Apple iPhone Look Like An Exploded Note 7
Apple Fans Can Now Make Their iPhone Look Like An Exploded Note 7

Someone’s made an iPhone case that makes an iPhone look like an exploded Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The new ‘Explo-Sung iPhone case’ fits every iPhone starting the iPhone 5. The iPhone case even has a burnt Samsung logo on the back, which adds extra authenticity. The ironic case actually looks quite beautiful in a strange way. However, don’t remember to remove the case before entering an airport.

While the Galaxy Note 7 has been unfortunate for Samsung, the new case brings light humor to the situation. It remains to be seen whether Samsung manages to smile over this one or threaten to sue the creators of the Explo-Sung case.

The new Explo-Sung iPhone case is available for pre-order at for $24.99. Deliveries start in early November. Let us know in the comments if you are going to make your iPhone look like a Note 7 (exploded :P).


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