After testing 4G services with the limited set of users, Reliance Jio has now made the services available for all users.  Recently users complained on twitter about the drastic drop in speeds. What started as an exclusive offer to LYF brand of smartphones is today available on most of the smartphone brands. Ever since its launch the user base has widened significantly. This increase in demand is being felt by those using the unlimited high-speed mobile data since its inception. As soon as the flood gates opened and the service was made available to all, users who have been experiencing high-speed data since the preview offer rolled out began to complain about the drastic drop in internet speeds. If you have been facing issues with Jio 4G internet speeds of late, continue to read this post to increase speed by 200%.


How to Increase Speed on Reliance Jio by 200%

Thanks to Spycoupon, we can use several tricks to increase speed by 200%. If you are experiencing speeds as low as 500Kbps, then go ahead and give these tricks a try. Note that these tricks have worked for many Reliance Jio users, however, MobiPicker does not take guarantee of 100% positive results.

One of the first things that you should try is 3G/4G optimizers. But these only work on rooted phones. The app applies some tweaks and ensures you get maximum speed.

1. Using 3G/4G Speed Optimizer

  • This works only on rooted phones. Download 3G/4G Speed optimizer (Not available on Play Store, Google search for download link)
  • Choose 12/28/7 – Max Speed under Select Network Speed option
  • Click on Apply Tweak
  • Reboot your phone

Wondering if there is a solution for non-rooted phones as well? Yes there is!

2. Don’t have a rooted phone? Try VPN

Normal VPNs like Snap VPN work on smartphones that are not rooted. These apps help you connect to countries with highest signal strength and thereby giving you maximum speed.

  • Head to Play Store and download Snap VPN app.
  • When you open the app, it displays the signal strength beside each country.
  • Select the country with the highest strength (i.e. fastest speed)
  • Keep trying till it connects. Once the connection is up and running, you should see a marked increase in speed.

Apart from VPN and 3G/4G optimizers, there are apps that help boost internet speed. One such app is Speedify. The app is available for both mobile and desktop platforms.

3. Speedify

Speedify is an app that helps boost internet speed. If you are using Wi-Fi, use their desktop version. If you wish to boost speeds on mobile, download and install their android app. Speedify is more or less like a VPN. You can connect to one of the nearest servers and experience high 4G speeds on your Reliance 4G SIM.

If none of these help, it’s worth giving APN settings try. Sometimes, changing APN settings to IPv4/IPv5 ensures better speeds. To do this, follow the steps explained in Method 4.

4. Changing APN Settings

  • Switch off mobile data
  • Head to Settings -> Mobile Networks
  • Set Preferred Network Type to LTE. Press Back button.
  • Tap on Access Point Names (APN). When you scroll down, you will see ‘APN Protocol’
  • Set the APN Protocol to IPv4/IPv5
  • Scroll and select Bearer option to LTE
  • Save the settings.
  • Switch on data and check speed.

You should now see increased speeds.

One of these tricks should definitely boost your sub-500Kbps 4G speeds  by 200%. Already tried one of these and noticed a visible increase in speeds? Let us know in the comments section.


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