Drones are the new cool thing. These days you can find drones usage in almost every sector from wedding photography to construction crews. However, handling drones is not that easy. You need to master the controllers, and often lagging smartphone apps. For the inexperienced flyers, getting drones off the ground can be much more harder than it looks. Now, there is a solution! The Hover Camera Passport is the first truly self-flying camera drone.

Hover Camera Passport Self-Flying Camera Drone Announced

Zero Zero Robotics have announced a new Hover Camera Passport. The robotics company aims to bring consumer-friendly flying smart robots. The new camera drone is aimed at travel-focused consumers. It is designed to follow users anywhere they go. The lightweight device comes with easiest storage situation of any drone on the market. The Hover Camera Passport allows you to enjoy your adventures without worrying about the drone handling. It might be the most convenient camera drone on the market right now.

“Hover Camera Passport encourages you to look up from your screens and enjoy your memories unrestricted, exploring the world from your own point of view. We’re excited to share our first step towards a new future with the world, and can’t wait to see what our users will capture,” said Mengqiu Wang, CEO, co-founder, Zero Zero Robotics in a press release.

The Hover Camera Passport features include auto-follow [tracks your body or face without assistance] and hover maneuverability [can capture fast pictures in a moment’s notice]. The self-flying camera drone weighs 242 grams.

The USP of the Hover Camera Passport is its seamless technology. It focuses on ‘ease of use’ rather than hi-tech features. You don’t have to worry about usual time-taking processes such as installing, updating, or upgrading. Users can simply live in the moment and enjoy their surroundings while capturing the beauty all around.


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