Internet is abuzz with the latest in the drone space – the Hover Camera Passport, whose features include auto-follow and hover maneuverability. Weighing just 242 grams, Hover Camera Passport is a self-flying drone – throw it into the air and it will follow you around taking photos and videos. Hover announced its first drone – called the Passport – for $549. It’s the first drone from Hover to hit the market.


How Hover Camera Passport Actually Works

The Hover Camera Passport uses face detection technology to track your face all through the journey. The end result? Cool selfies to choose from! The drone follows you using body tracking technology and keeps track of your activities. The drone makes use of a feature called “Orbit” to film you autonomously as it circles around you. Hover Passport can also shoot 360-degree panoramic videos using the “360 Spin” feature. Passport uses its front camera to lock onto a person and follow them around. This only works with people — you won’t be able to have the drone follow your dog around yet. The 13 MP camera on the front can shoot 4k video. The drone also features a 3 MP camera on the underside, along with SONAR. Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 SoC powers the drone’s flight stabilization algorithms and all the cameras and the sensors on the drone.


Movements and Control

The drone is controlled via an app on iPhone 5s running iOS 8 or higher. Of course, you can control it using an Android phone as well (Android 4.4 or higher). The drone can also be connected to a smartphone for manual control, by swiping up or down or by tilting the phone. You can control the drone from up to 20m in a wide range of temperatures – from 41F to 95F, on Wi-Fi frequencies of 2.4 and 5GHz. The drone can reach a maximum speed of 17mph and a maximum altitude of 6,562ft. The maximum hovering time is 10 minutes (without wind).


The Hover Camera Drone is currently available for $50 less than its normal price as a promotional offer – you have to pay $549. Once the promotional offer ends, the drone will cost $599. Which brings us to the question – “Is $599 Self Flying Drone Worth the Money?”

Is $599 Self-Flying Drone Worth the Money?

Well, this one’s not that hard to answer. The Hover Camera Passport drone is actually the most expensive selfie stick you will every buy. But conventional selfie sticks don’t fly. So is it really worth paying $599 for a flying selfie stick? Let’s admit it – selfies taken with normal selfie sticks lack the ‘cool’ factor which aerial shots give. This is why buying the self-flying selfie stick actually makes sense. Besides, the capabilities and features that the drone offers for $549 are worth the money. With seamless technology that focuses on ‘ease of use’ rather than hi-tech features, you won’t have to worry about usual time-taking processes such as installing, updating, or upgrading. You can simply live in the moment and enjoy your surroundings while letting the drone do its job and capture the beauty all around. That’s the power of a self-flying drone!

What do you think about Hover Camera Passport? Plan on buying one soon? Or do you think it’s a complete waste of money? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.


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