Are celebrities are more prone to divorce or ending their relationship? Earlier this week the news flashed over the internet that Molly Parker, 44, and his partner had broken. The famous actress of the Deadwood series single again, really?

There it goes,”Molly Parker files for divorce from her husband Benedict Matthew. While the rumours are still in the air that the “House of Cards” actress still needs time to make a decision. The coming days will determine whether the rumour is true or not.


Parker from a Single angle

A fan saw Molly Parker walking alone, probably going to pick up their mail at the end of the entry for several miles, on the afternoon of October 28. Was she alone? “Obviously yes, “also, adding that “she wore a large size sweatshirt and was very beautiful!”

Is Molly back to Being Single?

Molly Parker’s representative was not available for comment.

Rumor or truth, when the news that the actress was separating flashed on the internet on Saturday (October 29), Twitter immediately exploded with pithy comments. It seems that everyone has an opinion about Molly.

From the given the facts (Parker was seen alone with a nice sweatshirt), is there trouble in heaven or is it much excitement about nothing?

“Molly Parker dies at 44”: the rumour goes viral on the Internet

This week ran a lot of rumors about a possible death of “House of Cards” actress, Molly Parker. Rumors about alleged death of actress flooded social media.

She is alive and is looking healthy, but unfortunately, joined the ranks of celebrities declared dead in rumours that are circulating on social media websites.

Molly Parker is alive and well

The phrase “Molly Parker died” remained for several hours and was trending on Twitter; now this is among the most debated issues on social media. This is not the first time the actress became a victim of a rumor of such type.

Serious question: What kind of joy do people get from publishing such news?


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