House of Cards, increasing popularity is evident to all. Its ranking is around 8 on IMDB and the star cast of the show, headed by Kevin Spacey is amazingly doing their job. The roles are perfectly in line and reflect the ugly face of American politics seemingly well. The show has been approved for its fifth season and is set to premiere anytime in the coming year 2017, but there is a twist this time.  


The major update on the 5th installment:

Michael Kelly, in an interview to a magazine, Deadline, has stated that: “You lose characters that you love. We almost lost Frank, and I always have faith in the writers that no matter what road we go down, we’re going to come back to what the show is.”

This statement has sparked a lot of conclusions and one of them says, according to News Everyday, that Kevin Spacey who plays the protagonist of the show, Frank Underwood, will die. This situation has further risen because Kevin is about to make an exit from the show. Now this is just shocking, the protagonist of the show dying, wonder what’s gonna keep alive the show more.

Another rumor as per Gamenguide, states that the victory of Donald Trump has something to do with the sudden twists in the storyline of the show. The series creator Beau Willimon was against the election of Donald Trump and he also has been very vocal about it, so it can also be one of the reasons. But we have to wait for the next season to narrate us the actual truth. Stay tuned for more information, we will be updating this space.


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