Many fans of House of Cards are currently disturbed by the rumors claiming that the fifth season of the show might not arrive in 2017. It is said that since the resignation of the show’s creator, Beau Willimon, the current team has been struggling to come up with good ideas that fans will love for the fifth season.

Beau Willimon Resignation From House Of Cards 

As we all know, back in 2015, the creator and former executive producer and screenwriter of House of Cards, Beau Willimon resigned from his position of the showrunner due to some personal and internal issues. Under his supervision, the first four seasons of House of Cards were a big hit and the show got nominated for Primetime Emmy awards a lot of times. Because of Willimon’s hard word, the show is what it is today. However, fans got disheartened after Netflix announced that Beau Willimon will step down after the fourth season of House of Cards.

House Of Cards Gets New Producers 

Beau Willimon sometime ago stated that the fate of the show is decided after a season ends. What he wanted to say was that the next season is always decided after a season ends, not before. So this means that as he has left the show, the creative direction of the series has been handed to someone else. Melissa James Gibson and Frank Pugliese are now the executive producers of House of Cards. Both of them are known for many of their notable works, so fans won’t get disappointed.

House Of Cards Season 5

House Of Cards Season 5 To Not Arrive In 2017?

Currently, rumor is that House of Cards season 5 might not arrive in 2017 as the new team is struggling to come up with something better. Some of the cast members have reportedly said that the plot of season 5 is antiquated, uninteresting and charmless. This pretty much indicates that they will have a hard time in finalizing the plot of season 5, and this will take time. Whatever the case is, Netflix is yet to share some information regarding this. Even if the 2017 release date is getting cancelled, then we will definitely hear something official regarding it soon.

House Of Cards Season 5 Release Date

House of Cards season 5 is scheduled to arrive in 2017. However, that will happen only if the new team comes with something that fans will love. The first four seasons of the show were a big hit, thanks to Beau Willimon, so the new team won’t just let his hard work go to waste.

Let us know if you’re excited for House of Cards season 5 or not in the comments below.


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