Guerilla Games have released two new trailers for Horizon Zero Dawn. They grandstand two of the game’s huge robot dinos, Snapmaw, and Thunderjaw.

horizon zero dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn Trailer Introduces Us To Some Of The Massive Robot Dinos

The trailers concentrate on two of Horizon Zero Dawn’s most fearsome robot dinos. The first is the Snapmaw. It’s a crocodile-like machine that can solidify its rivals. It appears that its frigid capacity may likewise be its shortcoming due to annihilating his Cryo Sac. These outcomes in the brute getting to be distinctly solidified. It’s a fearsome monster that sneaks about in water areas of the map.

The second is Thunderjaw. it’s a T-Rex-like mammoth that is vigorously equipped and cherishes completely open territories. Thunderjaw packs a significant punch and it is outfitted with a variety of hostile weapons. Taking it on will be a test. In any case, constancy and brilliant strategies will permit you to prevail at last.

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Like all creatures in the game, each has vulnerabilities the player will need to take advantage of. Otherwise, how else would a bow take down a creature not made of flesh? Granted, Aloy makes use of armor-piercing, electric, and explosive arrows. So that will help matters.


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