Aloy is Horizon: Zero Dawn’s driving woman character. Furthermore, Sony has effectively gone on record to state that they need the magnetic machine seeker to end up distinctly a PlayStation symbol without bounds. That doesn’t imply that she will dependably remain the juvenile arrangement’s central hero, however.

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Horizon Zero Dawn Sequel Will Not Have A Female Protagonist

Conversing with Gamereactor, Guerrilla’s senior maker Angela Gillespie has revealed that different characters could go up against the main part in future games in the arrangement. he says that Aloy will dependably be a piece of Horizon Zero Dawn. However, as you may have seen, there is a major number of characters and tribes in the game. And the game has a rich history. Gillespie explains the situation in more detail in the interview with Game Reactor.

he further says that the company invested years building up these tribes. So there is a probability for different characters, later on. However, Aloy will dependably stay in Horizon: Zero Dawn. Have you perused our review of the game yet? No? Then what are you sitting tight for? Click on the link below to discover how and why Guerrilla’s new game surpasses our desires.

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