Horizon Zero Dawn review ban lifts on February twentieth, and the download size of the review copy is 45GB. What’s been an extraordinary beginning for Sony on the exclusives front in 2017 is likely going to take a noteworthy jump forward with the current month’s arrival of Horizon Zero Dawn. With just shy of three weeks to go until the game’s discharge, it’d be best to plan for the inescapable attack of Horizon news. This incorporates this one also.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn survey ban will lift on February 20

Evidently Horizon: Zero Dawn’s world map was released online too. Thanks to Game Revolution for the leaked map. Also, suffice it to state; it’s a significant world.

As close as we (and others on the web) can advise, it would appear that there are three fundamental locales. The cold Mother’s Heart, the forested Meridian, and (the tundra?) Sunfall. Every range seems as though they have some littler urban areas/towns/ interesting areas to explore. They also come with a huge amount of land in the middle. Furthermore, if there’s a huge amount of land, it implies a huge amount of various automated beasties to chase.

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Source: Neo GAF


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