There’s a point in Horizon Zero Dawn that we almost get frustrated. We’d recently finished (keeping things sans spoiler) a mission and could openly investigate a town surprisingly.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn Is A Prime Example Of Lazy Game Design

Presently, remember for a moment that Aloy, its courageous woman, has been segregated from this town. And, truth be told, she is segregated from everything else as well. She’s been insulted, chuckled at and had rocks flung at her. They had a ‘no Aloys’ gathering. This is where they welcomed the other young lady called Aloy, yet not her (“we’re permitted one”). And basically, would have poured kerosene on her as opposed to pissing on her on the off chance that she was ablaze.

Definitely, however, there comes a point in the game where the cover of hush is lifted. And they all understand she’s fairly convenient with a bow and lance. And they could do with her offered assistance. As it happens Aloy’s own inspirations coordinate those of the town’s chieftains. They need to discover what’s driving Horizon’s Zoids nuts. Aloy needs to do likewise as it will presumably help her discover where she originates from.

What we don’t comprehend is the reason Aloy could ever go out her approach to help the general population of the town we specified in the introduction. Inside around 30 seconds of being in it, we’d addressed five or six individuals all needing us to help them out: That Aloy would engage these individuals’ solicitations is shaking to the point of ineptitude and totally evacuated me from the experience.

Clumsy Game Design

Why did Guerrilla feel it expected to bloat Horizon Zero Dawn with these trivial journeys? If we somehow managed to place yourself in Aloy’s circumstance there’s no chance to get in this world that we’d postpone our journey to conceivably discover why we were destined to help some bloke locate his four leaf clover. What’s more, we don’t for a moment trust that Aloy – the determined, hard as nails warrior that she is – would either, so why placed it in. It’s clumsy game design.

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