Sony released a brand new video giving us a closer look at the machines we’ll encounter in Horizon Zero Dawn. Here are the machines we will be facing in the game so far. In case you don’t know about the game yet, it’s from the creators of the Killzone Series. This is their first attempt at an open world RPG. The game takes place a thousand years after the Collapse. Now, machines have taken over the Earth and humans need to learn to adapt in the new dangerous terrain.

horizon zero dawn
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All the machines confirmed in Horizon Zero Dawn so far

Watchers. These are some of the smallest machines you will encounter. They will scan the area for anything interesting. If they notice you, they will call for their friends to attack you in a pack. Tallnecks. Their appearance resembles a Diplodocus dinosaur. They are essentially walking communication towers.

Broadheads. These machines closely resemble cattle. They can be used as a means for transportation provided you subdue them at first. Grazers. They resemble a type of deer because of the antlers they have on their heads. On their back are large vials of green fluid. This green fluid is essential to humans in the game.

Shellwalkers. It resembles a crab because of its bulky shape and six legs. Their pincer-like claws carry hexagonal containers which they haul onto their backs. This cargo crate is very valuable.

Snapmaw. This is one of the most deadliest machines in the game. They lurk around watery areas. It’s uncanny how they so closely resemble an alligator. Very little is known about it but the brief look we had already shows it is highly dangerous.

Corrupter. This one is very mysterious and very little is revealed about it so far. It’s one of the oldest machines that was used by the humans who inhabited the planet before the Collapse.

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