Lego has a tendency to be entirely strict with their organizations. In the event that Horizon Zero Dawn is evaluated M then we question it will end up being a Lego set. On the off chance that it’s evaluated T it could turn into a Lego set. In any case, odds are it would need to be under their “Ideas” line. Which originates from fans submitting and voting on items over at the Lego Idea site. A venture won’t persuade an idea to be a set until it has 10,0000 supporters. Be that as it may, this didn’t prevent Hideo Kojima from showing a Horizon Zero Dawn LEGO Set on Twitter.

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Hideo Kojima flaunts a Horizon Zero Dawn LEGO Set on Twitter

Ex-Konami worker Hideo Kojima is utilizing Horizon: Zero Dawn’s engine Decima for its forthcoming game Death Stranding. Be that as it may, his association with Guerrilla Games simply reached out to LEGO. As of late, the amazing maker of the Metal Gear Solid establishment posted photos of an extraordinary LEGO set. Both unassembled and after that amassed, pitched against a Godzilla statue.

The LEGO manufacture represents to a Tallneck machine. This machine will show up in Horizon: Zero Dawn. This LEGO set really has a history. It was at first made by a fan named Wayne de Beer. At that point Guerrilla Games’ Community Manager Jeroen Roding got in contact with him to get guidelines on the best way to repeat it at the studio.

What’s more, it has now made another bounce. To Japan, of course. What’s more, to the work area and fit hands of another unmistakable game creator, Hideo Kojima.

Source: Twitter


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