While we do not have an exact release date for the game, we know that it is supposed to hit the PS4 sometime next year. So, as the anticipation builds and we keenly await more information, we give you some details regarding Horizon Zero Dawn combat right from the dev’s mouth.

horizon zero dawn
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Horizon Zero Dawn combat explained by dev

“I don’t think that the power curve is an issue here as you never feel like you’re stepping into the shoes of someone who can lay waste to everything in front of you. It’s more the opposite. There’s always this David and Goliath kind of feel.

Aloy is very resourceful and competent, but she’s not God-like and I think that comes across very quickly as you play. Even with all of the abilities and skills that she has, she is outmatched out there and you have to play in a way that is clever and thoughtful in order to overcome those challenges. She is smart and she is tough, both of those things are true. However, she does also have a fundamental wounded-ness in that she hasn’t grown up under easy circumstances,” Gonzalez told Redbull.

Hopefully, it will be a success. We can really see how much effort Guerrilla Games have put into this one. It is great to see gaming studios taking a risk, doing something new, and trying to come up with some original ideas in gaming. Personally, we love the look of the combat, it looks like it will be a challenge but also really enjoyable, and take a lot of skill to master. It also looks like Stealth will be a big element, which a lot of players love because nearly everyone pretty much likes stealth Games. We think there is going to be a lot of human enemies as well, but nothing confirmed regarding that yet.


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