It would seem that one month from now’s Horizon Zero Dawn is joining the not insignificant rundown of advanced AAA games with photo modes. Designer Guerrilla Games tweeted out the declaration as of late. The developer additionally exhibited some noteworthy screenshots taken in-game.

horizon zero dawn
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Horizon Zero Dawn has a photo mode similar to GTA V

In the event that there’s one thing we adore about certain video games, it’s having the capacity to catch those off the cuff kind of moments in a photo mode. So you can impart fabulous pictures to your companions by means of the push of a button. Guerrilla Games is absolutely mindful of this. So they have added an urgent component to its expected Horizon Zero Dawn that fans will love.

The organization affirmed that it will add a photo mode to the game. Besides, in it, fans will have the capacity to take their own forte pictures to impart to others, as per the organization’s tweet. To further effectively express the idea concerning what sort of photographs you could take, the organization shared four samples. These can be found on the organization’s Twitter page. Moreover, there are even some altered selfies that can be posted.

No further points of interest were given by the previous Killzone dev about the recently declared photo mode. Horizon Zero Dawn will be out for PS4 on Feb. 28. Stay tuned to MobiPicker for additional info on the amusement as its release approaches.

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