Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan and Asia exhibited more gameplay of Horizon Zero Dawn at Taipei Game Show in Taiwan. They did this amid a live event occasion taking after the one that as of late happened. On top of demonstrating gameplay, Art Director Roy Postma and Producer Samrat Sharma likewise addressed a couple of inquiries from the hosts. They gave some fascinating data about the game.

horizon zero dawn
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Detailed info revealed about Horizon Zero Dawn

We discover that there will be numerous NPCs on the planet. Moreover, sometimes, they’ll join Aloy on her journey and battle nearby her. Then again, in different cases, Aloy will have the capacity to go along with them on separate missions. Players will have the capacity to ride different machines later in the game, not only the Broadhead that we have seen in this way. Postma was asked whether we’ll have the capacity to ride flying machines. Be that as it may, he said he couldn’t answer that question (some should seriously think about the absence of answer intriguing all alone, obviously that would be quite a bit of speculation).

Sharma likewise clarified that adversary level scales up with Aloy’s level as she advances through the game. Strangely, the hosts asked Postma for what good reason they chose to make a game with a female lead character. So the developer clarified that Guerrilla never effectively or purposefully pondered about making the game with a female hero. The game just had Aloy as its hero since the absolute starting point of the commencement of the project.

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