Horizon Zero Dawn’s female hero Aloy wasn’t planned as an offering point, says designer Guerrilla Games. The developer clarifies that it concentrated on making the “most ideal character” that it could. Guerrilla has already clarified why Horizon Zero Dawn has a female lead. They were stating that its games had included male leads for “a long time”. So they needed to do “something else” and something “new.”

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Horizon Zero Dawn Female Protagonist Wasn’t Designed as an ‘Offering Point’ Says Guerrilla

In a post on the PlayStation Blog, the game’s lead story creator John Gonzales clarifies what the Horizon Zero Dawn group needed to accomplish. “We concentrated truly hard on making an ideal character. The best that we could”. Gonzales likewise says that “We never imagined that it would be an offering point that we’re having a female hero. We thought it would be progressively an offering point that you’re being an ideal individual and character to play as in this world.”

Notwithstanding, Guerrilla recognizes fans’ excitement for Aloy. She is one of a couple of female lead characters in video games. The game architect says that “individuals who have played the game so far appear to truly appreciate being Aloy.”

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Source: PlayStation


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