Since its release earlier this week, Horizon Zero Dawn, the new sensation in the action role-playing genre, has bagged widespread appreciation from fans and analysts alike. In fact, the game seems to have already earned itself a sizeable fanbase that includes the folks over at CD Projekt Red too — you know, the same people behind the popular title The Witcher 3.

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We told you yesterday how CD Projekt Red did something special to show their appreciation for the effort put in by the Guerilla Games developers in Horizon Zero Dawn. (For the uninitiated, Guerilla Games is the firm behind HZD.)

Here’s the backstory in a nutshell if you missed the story earlier: CD Projekt Red posted a picture on their Twitter account earlier on Friday showing their character Geralt (from The Witcher 3) giving an epic high five to Aloy, the protagonist in the Horizon Zero Dawn.

And now, barely a few hours since that tweet, the team at Guerrilla Games have already returned the gesture by posting another picture of the two characters hanging out together, engaging in what they referred to as “a little friendly competition”. Here’s is the tweet:

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Those are indeed some sweet little gesture displayed by both the teams. Should we need to read more into it? Is there any chance that the two teams could collaborate at some point in the future to roll out a hybrid of these titles? Well, thinking anything in those lines would definitely be a little too presumptuous — annoyingly speculative even! Moreover, we are not even certain if any such hybrid would work out strategically or gameplay-wise.