Horizon Zero Dawn is probably the main culprit behind PS4’s strong sales numbers in 2017. The game managed to sell in a couple of million units just a few weeks after the release, and it will probably end the year as one of the best gaming experiences on PS4.

horizon zero dawn

The game features numerous foes that can give you a headache while trying to beat them. If you want to have the best offense, get your hands on the Shadow Sling and Shadow Hunter Bow. The first one is a grenade launcher that is a bit slow to fire, but its stopping power will make out for the slow rate of fire. The Shadow Hunter Bow fires powerful Hunter, Fire, and Hard Point arrows.

In order to equip the two weapons, you’ll need 650 Metal Shards and One Crystal Braiding (for each). Here’s where you can find for Crystal Braiding, a rare item which is very tough to find.

Stormbirds, Thunderjaws, Deathbringers, Behemoths and Rockbreakers (mini bosses found in the Horizon Zero Dawn) may drop a Crystal Braiding after you beat them, and the Stormbirds have the highest chance of dropping the item. You can find them at the Stormbird Site, located in the northwestern region of the map.

Stormbirds have tons of HP, and they possess strong attacks. In order to kill a Stormbird, you’ll have to use traps. Once the creature is trapped, hit it at the vulnerable canisters on its back. Before you start hunting for Stormbirds, make sure to craft as many Tie Rope heavy arrows, Precision arrows, Tearblast arrows, Hardpoint arrows, and Fire arrows as possible. And make sure you have enough crafting resources to craft more since the tough enemy will probably soak up all your arrows.

For a detailed, video guide on how to beat a Stormbird check out the video below:

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