7. A few Perks to Avoid

Horizon Zero Dawn lets you develop a lot of skills. These skills are sometimes beneficial and they seem useless at some points in the game. So to not use them is perfectly okay as they have no worth for a specific task you have to complete. So whatever you see is a burden on your inventory, shred it out and always keep the space for more useful perks for advanced levels of the game. This will keep you a high pace to meet the challenges that the environment throws ate you.

Horizon Zero Dawn

8. Reload for a Faster health Regeneration

This is more like a health tip for you while you are so invested in Horizon Zero Dawn. There is no easier way in Horizon Zero Dawn to regenerate your health. So you can simply keep on Walking and Fast Traveling to Campfire in the game. Once there, hit “Restart” from the save to respawn on that same spot. This will regenerate your health to full. This is more like a shortcut but it’s the only way you can regenerate your health faster in the game.


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