5. Elemental Effects and their benefits

Understanding about the Elemental Effects is necessary to play the Horizon Zero Dawn properly. As a basic tenet of the game, the elements have their own specific pros and cons. Understanding them before the use can be a rewarding practice. Using the Elemental Effects and then filling it up again is necessary so whenever you use an Elemental Effect do fill it up by continuing to apply that element.

Horizon Zero Dawn

6. The Hidden List of Weapons

Weapon are a crucial part of Horizon Zero Dawn as they help you survive in an aggressive and wild world. You can play the game with all the weapons you have in your inventory but sometimes these weapons seem a little bit unmatched to the power of enemies. if you want to have more powerful weapons, you should never miss a tutorial every time you embark on a weapon quest. This tutorial helps you earn some thousands of XP. You can easily miss out this opportunity by skipping the tutorials. So, don’t skip them, earn experience points and get more powerful weapons. If you’ve already missed the tutorials, you can find them on the menu.


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