Welcome to our For Honor guide. Here you can see the Best Characters In For Honor for 1 versus 1 battle in the game. There are 4 Heroes/Classes for every Faction, Samurai, Knights and Vikings. There is additionally 3 Game modes accessible: 1v1 Duel, 2v2, and the most action stuffed 4v4 Dominion Game mode. We have specified the Best For Honor Hero for 1v1 as it were.

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Best Character For 1v1 Duels in For Honor

Peacekeeper is positioned as one of the Best For Honor Characters For 1v1 Duel. She can likewise stand her ground in 2v2 Brawl also. This is for the most part because of her versatility and capacity to assault promptly in the wake of avoiding an assault. She can apply draining impacts for some genuine harm after some time.

Next is Berserker. Like his name recommends, this For Honor Hero is full aggro. He is one of the Best For Honor Characters for DPS, because of his capacity to inflict The Dance of the Paired Blades assaults. This attack is uninterruptible.

In any case, the best decision for 1 versus 1 is Warden. This is passed on as the most balanced decision. He is additionally positioned as one of the Best For Honor Classes For 1v1 Dueling and 2v2 Brawling in-the-game. Ensured assaults after guard breaks, bear bash staggers, and a strong zone assault.

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