A Ubisoft representative has reportedly confirmed to a user on Neogaf that the single player portion of For Honor will require an online connection to play. This despite the company telling players the game’s single-player campaign can be played offline.

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For Honor requires an internet connection even when playing single-player

This probably is a test to see if it’ll succeed to always be online. Just like how Microsoft announced that their system will always be online in 2013. If it does well, other developers and even console companies will follow suit. However, thanks to Sony, it won’t be always online and no restrictions. That’s why they buy PS4. Later then that, Microsoft announced it won’t be always online and no restrictions.

It’s not about being connected. It’s about reliability. Which one is more reliable, online or offline? Why would you need single player to be online? It makes no sense. Also what happens when they shut down the servers?

Many people think it’s not such a big deal. That’s like saying it wasn’t a big deal when the Xbox One was originally supposed to be always online and always requiring the Kinect. And look how well that turned out.

Most players don’t want to depend on anyone while they’re playing a game. Plus they don’t what people telling them how to play the game or that this way it’s better. This game sounds just like Destiny where they say it is not an MMO. But you have to be always-connected and that most don’t like. We don’t want to be connected to the Internet to do a single player campaign of For Honor. If the game has to have online make, it a separate thing and you decide what you want to do.


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