Apparently, according to the box art, For Honor is always online and requires an internet connection and can’t be played offline. Devs have stated that the Campaign will be playable offline. Not just the Campaign but also the multiplayer modes. Just only against Bots since there won’t be split screen. As for the split screen, Devs did decide to cut it some time ago in favor of working to support the online co-op functions of the game.

for honor beta release date
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For Honor is an always-online multiplayer game

Games are so advanced now that if a game has split screen it’s very demanding on the machine playing the game. So they would have to downscale quite a bit, and for the most part it wouldn’t be worth it to please a minority.

If you played the closed alpha, you would know how good this game’s combat really is. Hands down the best we have ever seen, and the animations are insanely good and that was in the alpha. Ubisoft isn’t the best but this game if released in its alpha state would be one of the best games of the year.

Big studios focus on dazzle and marketing. The gameplay is very simplified so anyone can play it and do well within a few hours. Not really much to gameplay in this game, but there is certainly a lot of pretty scenery to look at and a half decent story to follow.

For a triple-A company to make a game like this that’s a new IP with an actually complex combat system, in today’s market, is a massive money risk in itself. So it’s pretty clear they’re not making it as a lazy cash-in.

The singleplayer campaign in For Honor is just going to be a story that you will be told about the character you control. Just like in every other triple-A game ever and is just going to be hack-and-slash sieges and duels. The singleplayer campaign is just going to be a big tutorial for the only thing that the publisher cares about in this game: The Multiplayer.


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