All the For Honor players, embrace yourself for an exciting news. Ubisoft Montreal is going to release new classes and characters. It’s rumored that there would actually be Six new classes added to the game. So far, two of the classes have been confirmed. The confirmed classes include Ninja Class and Roman Class. These classes will add-up more hero characters to the game and are expected to be released in the first week of next month. It is also reported that these new classes will not be added under the Samurai, Viking, and Knight Classes. These classes will belong to new factions and will be released in a way similar to Rainbow Six Siege. According to PVPLive, Ubisoft Montreal recently released a teaser video of the Season Pass. This video features 2 new shadowed figures. One of these figures looks like a Ninja and the Other as a Roman Centurion.

Let’s have a brief look at the Confirmed For Honor Classes

Ninja Class

The Ninja Class is confirmed by various sources on the Internet. In the Ubisoft Montreal’s Season Pass teaser video, we can see that the Ninja Character is holding two Kamas and a Sickle attached to them. This makes the Ninja a Close Range Assassin character. This is good news for all those players who are fed up of all the usual character classes in For Honor.

As this release would be following the same pattern as Rainbow Six Siege, the players who have Season Pass access will be able to get the character before its official release date. The new Ninja character will not be added to any of the previously classes such as Knights, Samurais, and Viking. Because of this character’s unique movement and skills.

Roman Class

The Second character that the Ubisoft Montreal’s Season Pass video teased about is the character of Roman Centurion. This particular character also falls in the category of Close Range Assassin characters. We can see in the image above that this character is holding a Sword named as Gladius. This character has no shield but the armor is intact. It means that this character could land in the list of characters able to dual wield weapons.

It is speculated about this character that it might become a part of the Knight Faction. To be honest, it seems a bit odd to fit into any of the already available factions. We know that the Knights are equipped with a shield while fighting in duels. This character has no shield but a sword, Gladius. This makes it easy to guess that this character will be a dual wielder but will not probably belong to any faction.

To what classes these characters belong when released, we have no idea about that at the moment. Players will have to suppress their curiousness for a while until the release and any word from Ubisoft Montreal.

How could these new characters be integrated to the game?

This question might surface in your mind after getting this news. Well, the answer lies right in front of you. If you are familiar with the Rainbow Six Siege DLC Model, you’ll know that each and every new content addition in Rainbow Six Siege is added via four totally different operations. These operations take place throughout the year and add up two new playable characters and a new map to the game. We can buy every playable character with in-game currency in Rainbow Six Siege. But, in For Honor, we’ll be able to purchase the characters via the Skill. Each new map added would most probably be free of cost in the game similar to Rainbow Six Siege. However, each class is categorized in For Honor a bit differently. And that might lead to a bit of different procedure to fully acquire the character.

Hopefully, the new characters will be as entertaining as the rest of other fantastic ones are. Their weapons, strengths and unique play-styles would definitely add up a bit more spice to the game. Do tell us about your interests in cultures and classes in For Honor expansions via the comments. We’ll be happy to hear from you.


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