It seems silly to complain about a game beta being broken. That’s what a beta is for: to identify technical issues. However, that might not be the complete case in For Honor.

for honor beta release date
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For Honor beta multiplayer is broken

Some issues can be so bad that they can’t be fixed. Look what happened to the last batsman game. Additionally, if the issues are too prevalent, it might become difficult to address them before the launch deadline. Depending on the server issues, it may make sense to gripe about the state of the beta of For Honor.

P2P isn’t something you just work on over the course of a week. It’s something that takes months to rework and move toward dedicated servers. Unless they’ve been secretly working on dedicated server based hosting and just using P2P for beta purposes, there will not be dedicated servers available for the game. It’s literally impossible for them to develop the game around dedicated servers when they’ve only two months till launch.

They should never have decided on P2P hosting especially when asking for €60 for the title. The only reason we could see them opting for P2P is if they originally thought the game had a huge chance of not being successful Well, it won’t now, not at that price with no server based match hosting. And they wanted to cut costs.

However, there are some things to note. If you are on console and played the closed alpha, it is an extremely polished game. And there would probably be little to no connection issues. Obviously, if you’re on PC then be cautious.

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