On the off-chance that it’s not one issue irritating the new game For Honor, it’s certainly another. Recently, players started to claim that they are getting restricted from playing the game. This is mainly because of Ubisoft’s hostile anti-cheat program. Banning players because of cheating is the right thing to do, but a number of the players are guaranteeing it’s an over-zealous program that is restricting numerous non-cheating gamers, which, assuming genuine, is a fairly enormous issue.

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For Honor Is Banning People For Absolutely No Reason At All

Numerous players are getting the error code 0006000043 from Ubisoft’s EasyAntiCheat framework, which means that Ubisoft’s framework has decided that you were attempting to cheat their framework. While it is justifiable for new games to have issues, obviously this specific imperfection has been tormenting For Honor since its beta stages. And players are less than amused.

While Ubisoft has as of now guaranteed to have made changes to the EasyAntiCheat framework, it doesn’t appear have been useful. This is because players are constantly booted from the framework, which is bringing about some cumbersome emotions to grow up against Ubisoft. This is because they appear to not be truly recognizing the issue.

It should be noted that some of these players might have been actually cheating, and got an error code. Nonetheless, the far-reaching influence of this issue is far too wide for it to impact ONLY miscreants. The way things are, the main thing numerous players can do is take after this investigating aside and seek after the best.

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Source: Ubisoft Forums


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