Homefront the Revolution was a massive disappointment on its release. It was a game with a lot of potential. However, it turned out to be another FarCry wannabe with performance issues, bugs, and glitches. Driving in an alternate-universe dystopia set in urban Philadelphia while shooting North Koreans (called norks in the game) should have been fun but turned out to be uninteresting and mired with problems. However, the new Homefront the Revolution performance patch was released. It takes care of many issues. Better late than never.

homefront the revolution performance patch
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Homefront the Revolution Performance Patch adds new multiplayer maps

New performance patch addresses key issues like frame rate drops even on high-end systems. It also takes care of the game getting stuck when you’re trying to save. Game added a new “Guerrilla Score” and Renown systems.

Resistance Mode – Guerrilla Score
The ‘Guerrilla Score’ system has been introduced to indicate a player’s overall experience with the game. Players can earn Guerrilla Score by ranking up characters, completing missions on increasing difficulties, earning new citations and increasing a character’s ‘Renown’.

Resistance Mode – Renown
Players who have reached top rank on characters will be pleased to hear that our new ‘Renown’ system will allow continued play. All XP gained at max rank contributes towards a character’s renown, increase their Renown to earn more Guerrilla Score and Armory crates.

Tweaks made to the gameplay and other optimizations

Homefront the Revolution Performance Patch also adds two new Resistance mode maps ‘Boom Patrol’ & ‘Indy Forever’. There’s also been some tweaks like the Inside Job achievement tweak which reduces the number of reinforcements called after securing a stronghold. There’s also a spawning and checkpoint save optimization. You can read the full patch notes here on Steam.

Are you still playing Homefront the Revolution? What has your experience been so far? Do you think the new Homefront the Revolution Performance Patch will bring back players to the game? Let us know in the comments. We’ll keep you updated about more Homefront news as soon as we get it. Stay tuned.


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