We’ll show you how to get the Silent Assassin suit only rating from the default spawn in the mission. Keep in mind, this is going to be a fast and reliable way to do this but not the fastest way to do this. There are ways to do it in under 3 minutes but they’re a little bit more difficult and involve a lot of timing and risk. So, we’re showing you this method instead in our Hitman Silent Assassin Suit Only Guide.

hitman silent assassin suit only guide
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Hitman Silent Assassin Suit Only Guide for Episode 6

Obviously, when you spawn into the level make sure you are wearing the default Agent 47 suit. From your room, run into the garden and on top of the hill while crouching to remain undetectable. Get to the pipes by the edge and slide down into the sleeping corridors. There you will find a chip you need to access some stuff.

Once you pick up the remote control, make your way to the morgue and through it and then activate this controller on a doctor who has the drug. After you reach the morgue, go around the left-hand side making sure the morgue doctors are undisturbed. Then activate the remote control while they’re not looking. You will need to get quite close so you’re in range of the remote control but there’s not much danger here so this should be easy.

As soon as you activate the remote control, quickly get out of the room and hide beside the door opening. Wait for that doctor to go into the room with the heart and wait for the two body guards to leave him alone. Once the body guards leave, you’ll have to make your way to the doctor before the doors close. Take out the doctors without killing him and then open the heart container and destroy the heart. It’s highly recommended you save here.

Now you need to make your way to the Sauna Maintenance Room. Although there’s a lot of enemies to look out for but they’re usually not in the way. As long as you stay to certain sides of the hallway, you should be safe. On reaching floor 1, open the door and take the first left. At the very end of the hall, you’ll find the maintenance room. Once inside, use the controller to make it a lot hotter. This will make people leave the sauna and Yuki arrives. As soon as everyone leaves and Yuki is also about to leave, lock the doors so she can’t get out.

After that locate the exit and leave. Let us know what you think of our Hitman Silent Assassin Suit Only Guide.