Blood Money only had 12 missions and no contract editor and that was a fully priced $50 game when it launched. When you adjust for inflation ($50 in 2006 is pretty close to $60 now), you’re getting about the same value when you pay $15 for these 3 missions. Plus, as previously mentioned, there’s the editor. So, where’s the best deal for Hitman Season 1 on Black Friday?

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Best Black Friday deals for Hitman Season 1

“Not much has been reported about game console bundles including “Hitman” Season 1 for Black Friday. According to HUKD, which offer several “Hitman” deals, “Hitman: The Complete First Season” Steelbook Edition is at $43.45.” (via gamenguide)

The NPCs in the crowd don’t cast shadows in Hitman 1 and that has pissed off a lot of potential players. We suspect it’s just that with how many NPCs, individually casting shadows, overlapping and such would be too much for probably any video card combination we’ve got at the moment. It didn’t bother a lot of players enough to turn them off from buying the game. Shadow quality rarely does because it’s usually just a peripheral thing for many players rather than a direct eye focus, though the artifacting from the tree shadows is definitely a major flaw for the game from a graphical perspective.

it was actually kinda cool how they were making this episodic. It keeps things fresh month after month and encourages you to master each level at a time. In the first level, Paris, there are AT LEAST 35 different challenges/accomplishments you can do. Plus, in between each monthly mission, Square Enix rolled out “live” content (Elusive targets, escalation missions, etc.) that will help keep you occupied. Not to mention, the bonus Sarajevo Six missions for PS4 owners.

The fact that they keep making stealth games without focusing on making robust AI has baffled us with every game in this series. It’s like making a car game without really focusing on developing robust driving mechanics. But, overall, Hitman 1 is still a solid stealth game and you should check it out, the first chance you get.


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