Taking after his rancorous takeoff from Konami, Metal Gear Solid maker Hideo Kojima alongside a group and long-term companion Mark Cerny scoured the globe. They were going to different video game studio’s looking for the ideal game engine. He was doing that for his, and recently established studio Kojima Productions big appearance title – Death Stranding.

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Hideo Kojima: Horizon Zero Dawn Technology Is A Decade Ahead Of Everything We Have Right Now

One of the stops on his voyages was to visit with Guerrilla Games Amsterdam-based studio in the Netherlands. And it’s protected to state that Kojima-san was somewhat more than inspired. He was inspired with with what the Killzone, Horizon Zero Dawn designer brought to the table.

Altogether Hideo Kojima invested a lot with 30 distinct studios before settling on Horizon Zero Dawn’s Decima Engine for the development of Death Stranding. Yet with Guerrilla Games engine constructed intentionally for the studios claim vision, the celebrated around the world engineer must make sure that the engine would fit in with what he needed. Tests should have been led to check whether Decima would work for Death Stranding. And the vision Kojima has for his first venture.

Obviously, Kojima Productions is not the principal studio to acquire or utilize Guerrilla Games’ Decima Engine. The extremely same engine had been already utilized as a part of the development of Supermassive Games’ survival horror title Until Dawn. And the studio’s alarming PSVR rail shooter – Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, discharged a year ago. Furthermore, Kojima praised the engine as leaps ahead of today’s engines.

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