Hideo Kojima could not bring the engine from Konami. So they had to get a new engine fast. They traveled around studios like Naughty Dog, Guerrilla Games, Sucker Punch. And in the end, as he visited all of Sony’s studios and eventually he became one of them (at least for Death Stranding). In the end, they made a deal.

hideo kojima
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Hideo Kojima was forced to abandon his Fox Engine in favor of Guerrilla Game’s engine

A great deal for both Guerrilla Games and Kojima Productions. Besides respect and cooperation they made a business deal for sure. Also, we are pretty sure Guerrilla is happy to help and discover more power in their engine from a programmer view. This is a great collaboration with money and knowledge. Guerrilla has much to learn in storytelling as well. Let’s hope Kojima will do some impact as he said in a recent video interview with IGN.

Anyway, all of Sony’s studios are great in what they do. The last Killzone was not the best but wasn’t terrible at all. And let’s face it, before it, Killzone 1,2,3 were good, not excellent but good games.

Kojima is making an exclusive for the PS4. So Sony let him choose one of their first party game engines to use. Sony will not let Kojima keep the engine for free after the game is finished. Unless Kojima and his team continue to make games exclusively for Sony which we’re sure Sony wouldn’t mind. Because Kojima Productions would be a good asset to them.


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