Death Stranding was revealed as a PS4 exclusive at E3 2016. Moreover, individuals were very stunned that Hideo Kojima had handled an exclusive bargain. Additionally, they were likewise stunned that he was so far alongside a new idea so rapidly. At one point he was asked by Greg Miller at RTX Sydney some questions. He was asked about the valid reasons for why he picked the PS4 as the restrictive home for Death Stranding. Hideo Kojima clarified it. He said that he picked PlayStation because of the shared regard between the two. He also chose it in light of the fact that he has been working with the organization for more than 20 years.

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Hideo Kojima Explains Why Death Stranding Is A PS4 Exclusive

He said that he needed to ensure that the principal game as an indie developer was a noteworthy achievement while as yet being his imaginative infant. He said that he knew there would be minimal opportunity to fall flat with the PlayStation. At the point when he was asked some information about PlayStation’s contribution during development, Kojima said that they’d never constrained him into attaching unnecessary things to the game. These incorporate things, for example, VR usage in the game. Besides, he clarified that they were to a great extent in control of marketing and promoting. Nonetheless, despite everything, he had a huge contribution on this also.

He talked particularly about the trailer at E3. Furthermore, he also talked about the way that on the off chance that it was some other organization, they’d have been against that. The way that Norman Reedus was bare and very little about the game was indicated wouldn’t have been permitted by other mainstream distributors.

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