CeBIT needs no introduction. It is undoubtedly one of the most renowned international computer and technology expos which is held in Germany every year. One can just be amazed at the vast representation of the gadgets and new technologies at this show. CeBIT always brings a flood of current and upcoming trends and is a perfect indicator of the current state of affairs in the global information technology sector. Among the many big names at the CeBIT this year, one is Hesvit S3.

The Hesvit S3 is going to make an appearance on the German show during 14.03.16 to 18.03.16. The gadget has already been shown at the CES and MWC 2016. Hesvit has developed this all-around fitness band after over two years of research & development. The Hesvit S3 smart band can track and monitor a ton of your physical indicators all day long and provide you with these data.

Hesvit S3

Among the most notable features of this device is its all-in-one screen which allows users to take a look at all of their physical indicators simultaneously on one screen. The S3 not only monitors basic physical indicators like Heart rate, Calories burned, Steps and Sleep, Distance travelled, etc. but it also provides other functions like monitoring humidity and ambient pressure of the surroundings. It also monitors a ton of other things like wrist humidity, wrist skin temperature, wrist temperature, air pressure, tri-axis accelerometer and temperature / humidity sensors, skin temperature, etc. among others.

All of these data are highly accurate and are continuously recorded using Hesvit’s own algorithm. The results of hundreds of patents suggest that the Hesvit S3 is not only efficient to work indoors during your regular activities but it is also very efficient and useful while the wearer is outdoors or even in very alien and secluded environments like that of a plane. It has a very conveniently positioned microUSB port for charging and it easily lasts 5-7 days between two consecutive charges. It is indeed some great standby time.

Fans and experts are very excited to have the Hesvit S3 at the CeBIT in Germany and those who wish to have a detailed look or wish to purchase this amazing device can do so from the Hesvit website or also through some authorised e-commerce websites like Geekbuying, PandawillCoolicool, etc..

If you’re planning to visit the CeBIT this year. Don’t miss out on this amazing device. You can check it out by visiting the Hesvit stand situated at the Cebit Hall 13 stand B19 in Germany from March 14th to 18th. Stay tuned for more news and info and do leave your comments below.