One of the most trending things today in the market are smart wearables. Smartwatches are the new cool gadgets that not only make you look futuristic but also prove very useful in day to day life. Wearables can be classified in different categories, one of them being smartwatches that pair with smartphones to provide notifications of calls and messages.

A different category of wearables includes fitness bands that offer various fitness features to help you keep track of your health. And today we are going to have a brief look at the Hesvit S3 smart fitness wristband that has been sent to us by the cool guys at Hesvit themselves. Thanks guys!


hesvit s3

Let’s talk about the looks. The Hesvit S3 wristband is available in various tacky colors, though we got the sober black one. The design is a no-nonsense design and is minimalistic to the core; there’s a simple rectangular 1-inch display with the rest of the band being..the band only. Nothing more to talk about here, just that the band looks good.

Skin Temperature and Heart Rate Monitor

This is the most basic feature that many bands miss out on, but the Hesvit S3 gets it thankfully. You can check your skin temperature to make sure that it’s not running too high during your workouts. Next, the heart rate monitor measures your heart’s bpm just with the push of a single button on the band.

hesvit s3

Sleep Monitor and Activity Tracker

For the sleep monitor to work, you need to wear the band while sleeping. It will show you the number of hours you have had quality sleep, and the number of hours you need to increase your sleep by. Then there is the activity tracker that keeps a check on how much you have walked/run and how many calories you have burned in total. This helps you monitor your fitness more accurately.

Other Features

First of all, the Hesvit S3 band is usable without a phone, as all the data is giving right on the display of the band. It gets a humidity tracker, an altitude tracker/barometer, step counter, and distance tracker.

Is the Hesvit S3 band worth buying?

hesvit s3

The Hesvit S3 is for those who are serious about keeping a check on their fitness. Without looking like a weird gadget, the smart band provides you with all the important information right on one screen. You don’t need to pair it with a phone. It gets a one-touch button for monitoring your heart-rate, which is wonderful for people conscious about it.

The S3 band is charged using a standard microUSB cable that is used to charge Android smartphones. With a full charge in around 2 hours, the 60mAh battery of the band can run up to 7 days. It is compatible with Android 4.2 or later and iOS 7 or later and pairs to the devices via Bluetooth 4.0. The AMOLED monochrome screen isn’t difficult to view on the screen. And the data collected by the band can be synced to your phone for easy viewing.

Price and Verdict

If you are looking for a beginner’s smartband that can offer you all the fitness features that a health conscious person or a fitness-enthusiast person might need, the the Hesvit S3 smartband is great for you. It is very durable and is extremely affordable, which is why you shouldn’t hesitate to try it out. You can buy Hesvit S3 smartband for $79 from GeekBuying.

Have you already got one for yourself?


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