Heroes Reborn is the title given to NBC’s follow-up to the original Heroes TV show.  Heroes Reborn: Enigma is a highly anticipated first-person action-puzzle game coming to mobiles and tablets. The game acts as a prequel to the new show’s story. As this article focuses on Heroes Reborn: Enigma, I will not go into the details of the TV show, but rather provide you with some details about the game itself. The game is coming in just a couple of days, on October 8. Heroes Reborn: Enigma is one of the two games that focus on Heroes Reborn, the other being Heroes Reborn: Gemini which is for PC/console.


Heroes Reborn: Enigma will run on both iOS and Android systems, and is published by Imperative Entertainment. The game developer, Phosphor Games, worked together with Tim Kring, the creator of the Heroes universe, in order to create a game that is accurately linked with the TV show.

In Heroes Reborn: Enigma, we follow the story of an evolved human, Dahlia, who is trapped inside a facility called The Quarry, and we get to control her from a first-person perspective. Being a fan of the original Heroes series, it seems like an exciting opportunity to play with a game that puts the player inside the body of an evolved human.

MobiPicker will bring you an in-depth review of Heroes Reborn: Enigma upon its release, as we are similarly excited about the game to all of you Heroes fans out there.


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