If you are currently in the United States and interested in Google’s new smartphones – the Pixel and the Pixel XL – Verizon stores are just about the only places where you can walk in, check the devices, and make your purchase.

To cash on its “exclusivity” over the new Google handsets, the carrier has announced multiple lucrative schemes under which consumers can avail hefty discounts.

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If you are switching to Verizon and ready to trade-in your existing handset, you will be entitled to a discount of up to $400 on the purchase of the Google Pixel or Google Pixel XL. Similarly, if you are an existing Verizon customer, a discount of up to $300 will be in offering as long as you have no issue exchanging your old handset.

Obviously, the old handset that you will be trading-in to avail these offers must be in working condition. Also, the only models that can get you the maximum discount include the following: Apple iPhone 6, HTC M9, LG G4 and LG V10, Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, and Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+.

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The 32GB variant of the Google Pixel XL is priced at $649.99 in Verizon stores and can be purchased on the monthly payment of $27.08 over 24 months. The 128GB variant, on the other hand, is priced at $749.99, or a monthly installment of $31.23 over 24 months.

Similarly, the prices of the 32GB and 128GB variants of the Pixel XL are $769.99 ($32.08 a month for two years), and $869.99 ($36.24 a month for two years) respectively.


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