The tech sphere has been abuzz with possible PlayStation 4 hack rumors for quite some time now – all the way since 2013, to be more specific. However, after a prolonged and undoubtedly frustrating wait for many, the first PS4 jailbreak is finally here and it is applicable to all consoles running firmware 1.76 or below.

The current hack enables users to run Linux on the console, with the promise that other avenues will be on the menu soon, says the hackers at Wololo. For detailed instructions, watch the video at the bottom of this page.

Image courtesy: NeuroGadget

The first credible evidence of an imminent PS4 jailbreak first surfaced in December 2015 when a well-known hackers-collective called FailOverflow demonstrated a sample at the CCC hacking conference.

The demonstration showed a PS4 running Linux – courtesy a bug in the console’s web browser. The team successfully backed their claim by playing “Pokemon” using a third-party emulator. However, the group later said that they would provide just a Linux port rather than the required jailbreak files. The details of the demonstration can be accessed in this DesignTrend report.

As you will see in the video below, the jailbreak itself won’t be much of a challenge. Although, the real issue will be to find a PS4 that’s still running firmware 1.76 (made available in Aug 2014) or below. As of today, an updated PS4 should ideally be running the firmware version 3.15. In a matter of hours, it will be updated to version 3.50.

So, on the outset, it looks as if only those PS4 consoles that remained off the grid since August 2014 will be able to exploit this PS4 jailbreak.


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