Nintendo Switch is finally here, with starting stock already sold out in most brick and mortar stress. A strong start of the console is shadowed by a couple of launch issues.

nintendo switch

The first issue noted by users was the problem with its Joy-Con controllers, which can face connectivity issues. Nintendo did provide some suggestions that should fix the problem, the company advises users to make sure there are no physical obstacles between the console and controllers, to make sure there aren’t other devices that could interfere with the controllers, or to just restart the console.

The other notable problem with the console is the fact that Nintendo switch doesn’t come with any kind of screen protection, probably in order to make the production cost as low as possible. While the decision made the console cheaper, it also made its screen highly prone to scratches.

Some users reported the screen gets scratched while being inserted into the dock because it comes with a plain plastic cover instead featuring more rugged scratch-proof glass found on many smartphones and tablets. Further, the docking station doesn’t have some kind of padding inside it, so there’s a high chance the screen will get damaged.

The problem can be really serious, who would want for their console’s screen to be damaged just by docking it? The good news is that only bezels get damaged, so you won’t notice it while gaming, but it is still a serious problem. Luckily, there are some solutions for the problem.

If you want to keep your screen nice and shiny you can attach adhesive pads to the sides of the docking station, making it harder to dock the console but at the same time protecting the screen from getting damaged.

Image Credit: Senkettsu/Reddit

The other solution is even simpler. Just buy a screen protector for your Nintendo Switch. They can be found for around $10. For a small price, you’ll keep your screen undamaged, but it would be much better if Nintendo offered a free screen protector in the package.


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