Since the thing called the internet became popular, Google has been dominating it with its know it all search engine. According to some reports, the tech giant is leading the search engine directed traffic. Around 85.74% of total searches in the UK are inquired through Google. While at the distant second spot stands Microsoft’s Bing with a traffic of 10.07 of the total market. To grab a bigger chunk of the market, Microsoft-owned search engine Bing will pay its users for searching the internet through it.

The new Bing will pay scheme is called Reward and will be available to users of selected regions. Under the Reward scheme, users will earn points for any internet activity completed through Bing search engine. The Rewards scheme was launched first in the USA. after its success there Bing is looking to expand in other regions as well. In a recent, Bing will pay its users in the UK for ditching Google and adopting Bing as their preferred Search Engine.

How Much Bing Will Pay For Every Search?

To collect rewards from Bing you just need to have a working Microsoft account. Sign up with the “Rewards” scheme through your Microsoft Account and voila! for every search from then on Bing will pay you in rewards which will be credited directly in your Microsoft Account. Now note that every Bing will pay you three points for each search. Also, in a day a user can collect a max if 30 Reward points. However, if you use Microsoft Edge, then you can earn double of what you will earn from other browsers. After collecting the first 500 points in a month the bar on maximum limit for each day will be raised to a whopping reward point of 150 maximum each day.

Bing will pay
Source- PCWorld

Apart from Bing, users can also earn points by using the Microsoft Store or the Xbox store. For every pound spent at the Microsoft Store in UK, Bing will pay its UK-based customers 1 Reward point everytime. These Rewards point can be redeemed while shopping for various Microsoft products. Such as, a month’s Groove Music Pass can be purchased for 9,500 points, similarly, Xbox Live Gold Membership can be purchased by redeeming 6,000 points.

Rewards Will Soon Come To Other Countries.

As of now Bing Reward scheme is available only in the UK and the USA. Microsoft has already revealed that it is going to extend the scheme in stages in different regions. The next stage will see Reward getting introduced in Germany, France, and Canada. There is no detail as of now, when Microsoft will launch Bing Rewards scheme in India.

Bing to come soon
Bing Rewards to come soon

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In the meanwhile, if you are planning on travelling to the USA be sure to collect some Bing Reward points there and mind that there is a gadgets ban in US-bound flights. So to avoid boredom in flight you can do these 7 things.