Morgan Freeman’s biggest highlight is his unique voice that is enough to identify the great actor even if he has got a voice over in a movie. The icon voice has been used in movies mostly for portraying guidance, direction, and wisdom. The actor himself played God in a movie, and his voice was a major factor for that role. Wouldn’t it be exciting if you could have Morgan Freeman guide you and provide you directions when you are navigating through a new city and don’t know the way? It’s possible now. Let’s find out how to get Morgan Freeman voice on your Waze app.

how to get Morgan Freeman voice on waze navigation app

The Waze GPS navigation app from Google has now incorporated Morgan Freeman’s voice for providing directions to the users. Though this is not the first time the app has done it, as it has already got voices of various celebrities like Mr. T, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Darth Vader. According to the company, the voice of Morgan Freeman was the most requested one.

Now that the Morgan Freeman voice in Waze app has been made available to users, drivers can now keep themselves entertained while listening to Morgan Freeman’s Vice President character from his upcoming film London Has Fallen. Thanks to the tie-in, the voice of Freeman addresses the users as the President. Some of the phrases used by Morgan Freeman in Waze app include:

  • “Accident reported ahead. I’ll get a line to emergency command.”
  •  “The time has arrived, President Wazer. The world awaits your commands.”
  • “The American people are counting on you… to drive. Let’s go.”
  • “You’ve arrived. It’s been my honor and duty to see you through this mission.”

How To Get Morgan Freeman Voice On Waze GPS Navigation

  • First, install the free Waze app on your Android or iOS device.
  • Make sure that you have got the latest version of the app.

For Android:

  • Open Settings in the Waze app and go to Sound > Voice Language? Morgan Freeman.

For iOS:

  • Open the Waze app and go to its Settings by tapping on the gear icon.
  • Now go to Sound >Voice Language> eng-Morgan Freeman.

That’s it! Morgan Freeman will now guide you at every turn of your way.

Update: Morgan Freeman Voice in Waze App Not working anymore

Morgan Freeman Voice in Waze App is not working anymore. According to Waze, the Morgan Freeman voice was available only for a certain period of time and now pulled back.


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