A couple of years back, Carplace posted spy shots of what seemed like the next-generation Volkswagen Gol’s clay model. It was another thing that the company was prompt to dismiss the spy shots as just a design study. However, if you compare those spy shots of the 2017 VW Polo test mules with those clay models, it appears as if the next-generation compact hatch will have much resemblance to the latter.

via Carplace

Needless to say, if it is really so, this may well be termed as a case of evolutionary exterior design. With its sharper edges, notably stronger shoulder line, and similar design touches to the latest VW models, the Euro-spec VW Polo will probably be larger in size. According to reports, it will measure somewhere around 4.17 meter and the wheelbase could be extended for more interior room. The boot volume could go up as well, boosting the car’s practicality a notch up.

via Carplace

Overall, the VW Polo will establish itself as the most affordable vehicle to ride on the MQB (A0) platform.

The engine lineup will include an array of diesel TDI and petrol TSI engines, including a 70 hp 1.0L TSI three-cylinder unit, 1.2 three cylinder TSI , 1.4L four cylinder TSI, as well as a 1.5L TDI diesel engine as the sole diesel alternative.


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