On the off chance that it was some enormous AAA distributor like EA, or Ubisoft attempting to do damage control, individuals wouldn’t be too ready to fight about it. They wouldn’t be sufficiently astounded to warrant shock. In any case, since this is a little and autonomous developer like Hello Games, when there is a mix-up of this scale, it’s hard not to be disturbed. We surmise that is altogether in reverse.

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Hello Games is being dealt with unreasonably

As much as we need to see Hello Games right their wrongs, and make this game as well as can be expected to be. We feel like an illustration should be made. Be that as it may, we feel like it’s out of line for Hello Games to be the substitute of shady industry practices.

All the more significantly, we are at fault for settling on imbecilic choices with our wallets. With those enormous AAA games, pre-release DLC was declared a long time. Up to a year ahead of time of a game’s release. You ask why it couldn’t be incorporated into the full game? Particularly with staff measuring in the hundreds and a financial plan in the several million.

We accept when the huge young men do it, for whatever subjective reason. Hello Games overpromised. They lied about things. Be that as it may, their destruction is really a driven vision that couldn’t happen as intended. We ought not to rebuff the little studio.

We concur that we shouldn’t approve the business standard of fixing a game to the point of fundamental playability AFTER it’s discharged. In any case, we should not have it begin with this specific game or with this specific studio.

Source: Polygon


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